This Land is *sniff* My Land.

By Posted in - Honor Roll on November 8th, 2014

If My Morning Jacket’s version of This Land is My Land doesn’t add a layer of warmth to your soul, nudge you to a snowy trailhead (or tears), or convince you that 360s were made for you and me, check your pulse.

The video commercial and MMJ’s cover of Woody Guthrie’s folk┬ásong is part of a bigger initiative involving North Face to “protect, preserve and celebrate public lands.” Check it out below:

Not only does the song feel good; it does good. As a key aspect of a partnership between the Kentucky-born rock band, North Face, and the U.S. Department of the Interior (Interior), it raises money for 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC)–a youth-focused initiative footed by the Interior to grow the next crop of conservationists.

Support Public Lands for a Song

Buy the new Guthrie cover on iTunes and you’ll feel fuzzier knowing that My Morning Jacket and Capitol Records are donating ALL their proceeds to 21CSC. Plus, North Face announced it will also plunk down a $250,000 donation to the Corps.

Specifically, 21st Century Conservation Service Corps works with youth and returning veterans to land them work training and jobs to directly protect, restore, and improve national parks, wildlife refuges, and public land ecosystems. The program aims to serve thousands, including low-income and disadvantaged youngsters.

The video had me at the opening shot of a young, awe-floored man bearing an expression and sentiment we’ve all felt either hiking, skiing, climbing, Earth-exploring. Then my tears started cheek-surfing at the buffalo scene, but I have a soft spot for brown animals. What does the song do for you?

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