Jumbo Wild Movie Released Online.

By Posted in - Green Advocacy on December 8th, 2015

Jumbo Wild—a film covering the 24-year fight to keep Jumbo Glacier Resort from developing roots in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia—is now available online through iTunes. By week’s end it will also be available on:

  • Amazon
  • Vimeo
  • GooglePlay
  • Vudu
  • Playstation

The documentary is the first of its kind to tell the story of the grassroots effort led by Canada-based nonprofit Wildsight to stop Oberto Oberti from building his Goliath ski resort in the heart of grizzly country. Presented by Patagonia as part of its New Localism initiative, Jumbo Wild is the work of Sweetgrass Productions. Proceeds from the film sales go to Wildsight’s Keep Jumbo Wild campaign as the conservation group strives for permanent protection.

Why Keep Jumbo Wild?

The reasons to keep Jumbo wild are as vast Jumbo Valley itself. Wildsight’s dedicated Jumbo Wild site covers the following in detail:

  • Ktunaxa and Qat’muk—The lands where Oberto Oberti would build Jumbo Glacier Resort is within the the core of Ktuxana Nation territory—home to the grizzly bear spirit.
  • Grizzly bears—Jumbo Valley acts as an important wildlife corridor for grizzlies traveling between Canada and the US to maintain a healthy population.
  • Public land management—The corporate development of Jumbo Glacier Resort not only goes against the wishes of the local populace; it circumnavigates the democratic process on public land use.
  • Community impact—Locals in opposition of JGR include natives, outdoors enthusiasts, environmentalists, hunters, you name it—including a growing global community thanks to Patagonia and Sweetgrass.
  • People and planet over profits—With skier numbers down at the eight ski resorts within a four-hour radius of Invermere, not only would the success of JGR permanently scar the land, it could leave these areas and their communities in an economic lurch.


Catch a Live Screening of Jumbo Wild

Jumbo Wild will continue its North American tour through the spring. Be sure to catch a live screening when it hits your hometown. Refer to Patagonia for a list of the most current Jumbo Wild screenings.

Host a Jumbo Wild Screening in Your Community

Don’t see your city on Jumbo Wild’s tour? Host a screening in your community for only $99. Simply complete Film Sprout’s online webform to get connected with the folks who can bring Jumbo Wild to your neck of the woods.

Stand with Wildsight to Keep Jumbo Wild

Wildsight and the Jumbo Valley community have held strong their efforts to prevent Jumbo Glacier Resort from developing this cherished wilderness wonderland for more than 24 years. Now it’s up to us—the global community that values our planet’s wild places—to take a stand. You can join the fight in a variety of ways:

  • Sign Wildsight’s petition, telling British Columbia Premier Christy Clark to honor the Ktunaxa Nation’s Qat’muk Declaration by creating permanent protection for the spiritual and ecological values of the Jumbo Valley.
  • Donate to the campaign that will doggedly keep Jumbo wild.
  • Sign up for email updates to keep up with the movement.
  • Watch Jumbo Wild in person or online, giving all proceeds to Wildsight’s campaign.
  • Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #KeepJumboWild, or connect with Wildsight via Twitter or Facebook.
  • Get the specifics about the area, the opposition, and what’s at stake.
  • Share the story of your connection to Jumbo Valley with us using the Contact Us webform below.

Like Wildsight, Mooncut Mountain Creative is dedicated to keeping the momentum going until Jumbo Valley has permanent protection. The time to make your voice heard is now. Don’t let this sacred area slip through our hands.

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