Honorable Mentions.

Photographer Charlie Hamilton James with photo at Grand Teton National Park.

Missed Opportunities: Photographer Charlie Hamilton James speaking at the 2015 SHIFT Festival on capturing what’s important while in nature (Grand Teton National Park)

On our own journey as a content strategy firm focused on conservation and outdoor recreation, Mooncut started compiling a list of organizations, offices, companies, and individuals who share our philosophy. Our “honorable mention” list features those we keep closest on our radar for their efforts, expertise, and all around high-five worthiness.

Transforming Youth Outdoors (TYO)

Transforming Youth Outdoors (TYO) logoThe first nonprofit of its kind, TYO connects individuals, small groups, and 501c3s with powerful resources for creating and cultivating impactful outdoor youth programs. These include a community of experts and a platform from which to share success stories and best practices, as well as an online catalog of documents, videos, templates, and tools from industry leaders in the outdoor and education sectors. In addition to curating this content for its members, TYO also offers individualized support and coaching and access to unique funding opportunities a and marketplace of donated and greatly discounted products and services.

Goal: Empower, educate, and support those who wish to nourish youth with the profound, transformative experience of being outdoors (and stunt the growth of a nature-deprived, indoor culture).
At the helm: Executive Director Chris Rutgers (founder of Outdoor Outreach)
Contact: Via online webform
Website: mytyo.org
Follow on Twitter: @_T_Y_O_
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Outdoor Outreach

Outdoor Outreach logo

Outdoor Outreach is a Califonia-based nonprofit that aims to get more kids outdoors where the opportunity to be positively impacted is vast. It takes local youth out of their element and into nature so they may step onto their own paths to a happier, healthier, more deeply inspired adulthood.

Goal: To connect youth to the transformative power of the outdoors.
At the helm: Ben McCue
Contact: info@outdooroutreach.org
Website: www.outdooroutreach.org
Phone: (619) 238-5790
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Wildsight logoWildsight is a Canada-based nonprofit that focuses on large-scale environmental conservation programs, sustainable community initiatives, and environmental education specific to the Kootenay region. For more than 25 years, it has mounted numerous programs aimed at cultivating sustainable communities and protecting wildlife, wild spaces, and clean water. Wildsight works locally, regionally, and globally to further its mission. Most recently, the charity partnered with Patagonia to draw international attention to the immense threat of commercial development in Jumbo Valley.

Goal: Protect biodiversity and encourage sustainable communities in Canada’s Columbia and Rocky Mountain regions
At the helm: Executive Director Robyn Duncan
Contact: Wildsight’s local branches or team directory
Website: www.wildsight.ca
Phone: (250) 427-9325
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Jumbo Wild

Jumbo Wild logoSince 1991, local residents, environmentalists, snow-sport enthusiasts, and the Ktunaxa Nation have joined Wildsight in a rigorous fight to keep Jumbo Valley wild. Specifically, this campaign has been staving off the commercial development of a mega year-round ski resort (Jumbo Glacier Resort) in the heart of British Columbia’s Purcell Mountains for more than 24 years. Show your support by signing the petition, donating, or watching the documentary Jumbo Wild (live screenings or online) with film proceeds going to the campaign.

Goal: Maintain strong opposition to Jumbo Glacier Resort as well as any commercial development of Jumbo Valley, with the ultimate goal of permanent protection.
At the helm: Wildsight
Contact: Jumbo Wild Campaign Lead Robyn Duncan (of Wildsight)
Website: www.keepitwild.ca/
Phone: (250) 427-9325 (Wildsight)
Follow the conversation on Twitter: #JumboWild
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National Park Service Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Programs

National Park Service (NPS) logoFor more than 25 years, the National Park Service Rivers, Trail, and Conservation Assistance program has bridged a connection between local communities and a national network of conservation and recreation planning professionals–all for the purpose of getting outdoor-focused projects off the ground. The result: Trail and park design, improved river access, protection of special places, and new recreation opportunities in thousands of communities across the country. Got an idea for your neck of the woods? Drop the RTCA a line.

Goal: Help catalyze community-led projects that center around natural-resource conservation and outdoor recreation.
At the helm: Chief Bob Ratcliffe
Contact: Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program (full contact list)
Website: www.nps.gov/rtca
Phone: (202) 354-6900
Follow on Twitter: @NatlParkService
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Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry logoThe Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office is Gov. Hickenlooper’s answer to the state’s $13.2 billion outdoor rec industry. ORec hit the ground running in June 2015, and aims to help grow CO’s healthy outdoor industry as the state-level headquarters for contact, advocacy, resources, and support. Are you affected by the booms and busts of the CO outdoor rec industry? Then get to know this office and the folks behind it.

Goal: Serve as a central point of contact to connect all of those dependent on the health of CO’s outdoor rec industry.
At the helm: Director Luis Benitez
Contact: Office of Economic Development and International Trade
Website: www.advancecolorado.com/Orec
Phone: (303) 892-3840
Email: OEDIT.info@state.co.us
Follow on Twitter: @CoRecIndustry

Protect Our Winters

Protect Our Winters POW logoProtect Our Winters, the brain-blossom of pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones, has been clanging the alarm against climate change since 2007. This coaltion of snowsport adherents – skiers, snowboarders, ski resorts, outdoor recreation companies – serves as a unified SOS in alerting policymakers to the consequences of a warming planet. You can show your support by making a donation to POW.

Goal: Maintain a unified and credible voice for snowsport enthusiasts in promoting preventive measures against climate change.
At the helm: Executive Director Chris Steinkamp
Contact: POW Headquarters in Pacific Palisades, CA
Website: protectourwinters.org
Phone: (310) 909-7941 (general inquiries)
Follow on Twitter: @ProtectWinters
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Sierra Club Outdoors

Sierra Club Outdoors LogoThe Sierra Club Outdoors, a coalition of three distinct groups, helps people of all backgrounds and of all ages to forge lifelong bonds with the natural world. Organized outings are offered on a local and national level. Participants can choose from hiking, camping, skiing, paddling, snowshoeing, birdwatching, whitewater rafting and more.

  • Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) – Started in 1971 this high-five program introduces adults and youths with limited wilderness experience to the awe of the outdoors.
  • Military Outdoors (MO) – In just 10 years this program has introduced more than 70,000 veterans and service members to America’s backcountry and, ultimately, to the restorative powers of nature.
  • Local Outdoors – This group, through the assistance of more than 5,000 volunteers, organizes outings to connect people with their local community’s outdoor offerings.

Goal: Connect people to nature for the benefit of both.
At the helm: Executive Director Stacy Bare
Contact: Sierra Club Outdoors (full contact list)
Website: http://content.sierraclub.org/outings/sierra-club-outdoors
Phone:   ICO – (415) 977-5568; Local Outdoors – (415) 977-5528; MO – (415) 977-5554
Follow on Twitter: @SierraOutdoors
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