Content Development.

colorado-snow-mountain-office-jen-lamboy-jeff-wozer-mooncut-mountain-creative Top out on search engines with yow-worthy, custom content where the view (and customer reach) is vast. Mooncut Mountain Creative develops unique-as-a-narwhal, high-quality content that serves two purposes: Engage users and beckon search engines. We use our 22 years of words-for-coin experience and results-hogging expertise in content marketing and SEO to organically drive the right traffic to your brand.

Our goal: Utilize reputable, relevant, read-happy content to sherpa your site higher on major search engines.

Who Needs High-Quality Content?

You do. That is, if you want more people trekking to your site (and more pop-in visits from search engines looking for new and “ooh” content). High-quality content is to search engines as kale is to vegetarians. Without it, they’d atrophy, or at the very least brain-blur from standing up too quickly. Specifically, search engines use high-quality content to feed their users’ desire to find content that:

  • Best matches their search query.
  • Trustworthy sources also find useful.
  • Doesn’t take too long to find.
  • Cooks up the urge to share on social media.

Their goal is to deliver the best possible user experience. So if you serve up well-written, SEO-friendly pages that are also easily accessible, search engines will frequent your site, and then recommend it to users by way of a menu that ranks pages by yum factor.

What Constitutes High-Quality, Easy-to-Access Content?

Search engines have a recipe for organic content that yields a high return, but they aren’t willing to fully share it. That’s where our expertise in search engine optimization comes in. We create low-flab, site-health conscious content that meets the aforementioned needs and:

  • Speaks the language of your users (literally) with relevant keywords.
  • Aligns with your mission, your voice, and your audience.
  • Flows within an easy-to-digest structure (accounting for the fact that users don’t read).
  • Whets the search engines’ appetite (and keeps them “crawling” back for more).


What Types of Content Does MMC Offer?

We create meaningful, contaminant-free web content for environmentally conscious businesses and organizations. Our clients have been most pleased with our ability to:

  • Blogging
  • Evergreen articles
  • Social media
  • Branding copy
  • Script writing
  • Humor writing
  • Ad copy
  • Captions
  • Taglines

Our writing is well-traveled. More than 40 regional and national publications have featured our work, and our web content has garnered clicks on sites with more than 85 million online users. Our range is Andes-mountains wide—a spectrum that spans from haha for The Onion to saving-sea-ice-serious for Our most recent high-five to the planet involved writing a 105-page state-by-state online guide to promote eco-friendlier driving. Designed to entice U.S. drivers to go green, this content outlines incentives and simplifies vehicle-related laws as one of the most comprehensive and useful online resources of its kind. Within two weeks of publishing, Google indexed our pages and ranked them first on its search results pages. Today, our content holds steady in search, taking up ALL of Google’s first-page results when users query keywords such as “green driver incentives” and “green vehicle laws.”

What Doesn’t MMC Do?

We are not a content farm. We are a boutique agency that believes in wordcraft.
We do not attempt to “game the system.” We know that search engines favor high-quality content and punish black hat SEO.
We don’t waste the user’s time. We are against polluting the web with garbage that isn’t worth the read.
We don’t waste your time or ours. It’s nonrenewable.
We are not jargon ninjas. We don’t throw acronyms and clumps of cliches at you.
We don’t miss library book deadlines. Nor do we tell other people’s cats how to behave.
We don’t do everything. We don’t water down what we do well to be everything to everyone.

Contact us for more on how strategic content development can boost your brand or for our recipe for cucumber dip.