Content Strategy.

arapaho-national-forest-colorado-jen-lamboy-jeff-wozer-mooncut-mountain-creative Expanding your online presence is no picnic without a sensible, straightforward content strategy and fresh air. Clients approach Mooncut Mountain Creative for a variety of reasons that involve content strategy. These most commonly include when they need to:

  • Launch a new web site.
  • Expand an existing site.
  • Revamp a low-performing site (poor usability, and/or low conversion, traffic, and search engine rankings).
  • Undo black hat SEO to avoid being penalized by Google.
  • Fix a site penalized by Google for bad SEO link building.


Our solution: High-quality, unique, and usable content that improves user experience. This includes optimizing your content for search engines without jeopardizing usability, sun-fading your message, or harming sea animals (Arctic and otherwise).

Our Approach to Content Strategy

Each site’s path might vary depending on your starting point. Regardless of where your base camp nests, we start with an in-depth audit of your existing content and publishing strategies. From there, we draft a detailed how-to for guiding you upward. Typically, our content strategy consulting covers:

Discovery—Content inventory and analysis to determine purpose, objectives, and site ranking compared to competitor sites.
Planning—Short- and long-term content planning that also establishes a sustainable content development workflow.
Creating—SEO-friendly content creation that strictly supports the “aboutness” of your site and attracts and engages users.
Tightening—Site trimming to rid your site of existing content that is working against you in search.
Maintaining—Content maintenance (and planning) for updating content to keep it relevant and accurate.
Analyzing—Measuring success of new content using web analytics.

Content Strategy that Rises to the Surface of Search Engines

We’ve created and implemented effective content strategies for a variety of clients—from the small-but-expanding local business with an eye toward international commerce to the organization with more than 80,000 pages of content. One of our clients, Amy Ippoliti, required a full site revamp that entailed interviewing each of her content stakeholders to ensure the new content met her needs, as well as those of her partners and advertisers. After rebuilding her site’s information architecture, we began adding new and revised content to the site map, ultimately landing her business before more local, national, and international clients. Amy became so well known, she needed part of her site translated into Japanese to serve her increased following.

Since the launch of Amy’s new site, she’s been featured in and on the cover of Yoga Journal, collaborated with Prana, started teaching online yoga classes on YogaGlo and Gaiam, expanded her business by co-founding an online professional development school for yoga teachers, and boosted the following of her 30 Day Yoga and Eco-Challenge to nearly 7,000 followers around the world. A pioneer as a celebrity yoga professional and planet conservationist, she can also be found doing some are-you-kidding-me-cool stuff. See her photographed below raising marine conservation awareness (and her exposure; Yahoo! featured this image on its home page.)

Contact us to discuss your content road map and sustainable content strategy or for tips on getting into lotus pose without using your hands.
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