Our Mission.

Mooncut Mountain Creative’s Mission:

Fight for our planet with our words, support those who do good by the environment and its inhabitants, play outside daily with the utmost admiration of nature and the enthusiasm of chocolate-buzzed school kids.

Our Core Values:

  • In pursuit of awe–Moments of zow brought on by work, nature, words, pauses.
  • Solution-minded–Inspired by the summit, enamored by the trek.
  • Not Shitty–High-quality work by and for honest, respectful, gracious, kind people.
  • Sustainable–Driven by the knowledge we can always do better.
  • Approachable–Authentic, clear, unpretentious, smiley, unwilling to fake-laugh.
  • Creative–Innovative, the soul of Mooncut.
  • Healthy–Plant-based, non-GMO, organic ideas and living.
  • Huggy–Trees, people, animals named by humans.
  • Trail stained and wind burned–All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


People we work with also bought (into):

We view our clients as our business partners. We share similar values, inspire one another to do good in the world, feel good on the inside, and make decisions–business and otherwise–in support of the planet. We are compelled and overjoyed by our work. We recognize that our time and energy are nonrenewable resources, and therefore can’t imagine doing anything less than what we love. Except for burpees. Those things suck, but we still do them.

Join Mooncut’s Morning Commute

We make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint. That means adopting more eco-friendly methods of transportation, such as the use of hills and a splash of elbow grease for our morning commute to the office. Inquire within about our Rugged Ride Share program.

Mooncut Mountain Creative's Morning Commute from Jeff Wozer on Vimeo.