SEO Strategy & Site Audits.

Mooncut's Jen Lamboy and Jeff Wozer SEOClimb to the top of search engine result pages with an SEO strategy that hauls the right traffic to your web site.

Mooncut Mountain Creative helps you create and build authority so users and search engines quickly and easily find your site. We analyze where you (and your competitors) rank, and then develop and implement the SEO strategy that gets your web site where it deserves to be.

Our goal: Shape up your site and the quality of your content to improve usability and ranking in search.

Why Does SEO Matter?

SEO enhances how well search engines and people find your web site. So as long as search engines serve up relevant content to those who are looking, SEO will continue to serve an Everest-size purpose for site owners.

The real challenge lies in keeping up with the web’s changing landscape. Not only are users evolving the way they search, Google is continuously changing the rules of the game. Why? To keep sites striving to deliver the best user experience possible. The more useful your site, the more organic traffic you’ll see.

Why Do an SEO Audit?

SEO strategies used even a year ago have grown crusty, hence the latest (and largest) misconception that SEO is dead. Therefore, SEO tactics your web developer or content manager employed in the past might be obsolete, or worse, could be the reason your site is sinking in search. That’s where Mooncut Mountain Creative comes in. We conduct an SEO audit and web site health check to find what’s inhibiting your climb to the top of search engines by answering questions such as:

  • How easily are search engines and users finding your site?
  • Is your site in violation of Google’s guidelines?
  • Is your content high quality and fully optimized?
  • Are your links relevant to your content, not broken, and pointing users to a trustworthy site?
  • How well does your site hold up against your competition?

After running a thorough check that analyzes both on- and off-page ranking factors, we create an actionable SEO audit report. We prioritize problem areas, then help you implement a long-lasting strategy that weathers algorithm changes and shifts in how people use search.

Why Optimize Content?

People want to find usable, relevant, share-worthy content when they search online. If your business or organization can fulfill this need with high-quality pages, you stand to enhance brand engagement, build trust, and increase conversion. The key is being found. The more you optimize your content, the more easily users and search engines find you.

How are we certain our methods of search engine optimization work? For the past eight years, we’ve developed high-quality, highly optimized content for one of the most heavily trafficked sites (more than 85 million users per year) in the country—at first increasing its online prominence to rank among the top 100 sites in its niche to then maintaining a stronghold at the top of page 1 on Google. Most recently, we used our content development and SEO strategy to build the first-ever, green-content resource of its kind. Today, not only does it rank first in search, it occupies every result on the first search engine result page (SERP) for the key words we targeted.

Need a Sherpa to carry your web site to the search engine summit? Contact us to talk SEO and other acronyms.