Social Media.

office-chair-skiing-jen-lamboy-jeff-wozer-mooncut-mountain-creativeNavigate the turns of social media with a strategy that builds engagement, maximizes ROI, and doesn’t yard sale.

We specialize in social media marketing that gets you talking (strategy), and gets the online community talking (about you). To achieve my-ears-are-burning status, we expand your online presence through a custom combo of our own proven best practices and must-dos of the ever-changing social environment. Our goal is to drive the right traffic back to your site by using the social media sites that best suit your organization and those that your target audience is already chatting up.

What Makes Social Media Marketing so Thumbs Up?

Social media is an inexpensive platform to reach a wide audience by word of mouth. But how do you get people talking? You must offer value to realize value. That’s where we come in. Our expertise in valuable content creation lands you among the share-worthy. The resulting earned media (versus paid media) is where the real value of social lies.

What’s the Right Thing to Say?

Knowing what to say always gets us at wedding receptions. But in the world of social media, we shine. The key is listening. We find where your target audience is talking, what they’re saying, and how to effectively join their conversation. Don’t bungle your brand or turn off readers. Instead, “yoo-hoo” the right audience at the right time with relevant, useful content.

Relationship Advice Worth Taking

We’ve helped organizations graduate from the bunny hill to more advanced (and higher-traffic) runs. Most recently, we helped a client organically increase Facebook Likes by more than 30,000 and increase audience reach by more than 81,000.

Along the way, and even as rapidly as social evolves, we find the following to be true about building a relationship:

  • Storytelling on social media is different than storytelling to Aunt Martha.
  •  “GoPro”ing your daily life on social reveals more than your audience wants to know.
  • Deeper engagement means a deeper connection to the heart of your organization.
  •  Communicating in an authentic, honest, and sensitive way proves you have a pulse.
  • Listening before speaking repels foot-in-mouth syndrome. (Twitter search is a good start.)
  • Read up on the value of the social media platforms that your target market uses.
  • “First day at work” pictures are pedestrian.
  • Test your relationships with testing. Then, test again.


Want to better socialize your brand? Contact us to discuss how the right social media strategy can boost your reputation and possibility get you an invitation to play online Scrabble with Aunt Martha.