Storytelling and Humor Writing.

downhill-skiing-road-jen-lamboy-jeff-wozer-mooncut-mountain-creativeHumor’s road-less-traveled approach paves a connection with your audience, generating word-of-mouth momentum in differentiating your brand from the rest.

Mooncut Mountain Creative understands the power of humor like first-time skiers understand the power of gravity. From performing on stage with some of comedy’s biggest names on some of comedy’s biggest stages we grasp the communal regard humor creates, giving us rare firsthand comedic knowhow.

Our goal: Create word-of-mouth buzz for your message so it gets shared like a wineskin in a gondola filled with underage spring breakers.

Why use humor to market your message?

Humor is the avalanche beacon of Web content, making it easy for you to be found.  When linked with effective content strategy humor builds your tribe by:

  • Creating you a definable voice.
  • Distinguishing you from the competition.
  • Making your site easy to talk about.
  • Taking pride in rattling the status quo.
  • Humanizing your product.
  • Breaking the ice with first-time visitors to your website, turning strangers into followers.


How does humor build engagement?

Humor is about making your message interesting and setting a precedent that gets your needle in the cyber haystack noticed.

Once discovered your humorous slant becomes distinctly your own, allowing you not to chase but to lead. Your humor then becomes your marketing, making it perfectly suited for sharing.  In the United States alone 86% of shared content involves humor.

This is where we come in. Our humor has attracted clients from across the globe. Whether it was for a 15-second anti-smoking public service announcement for Hollywood Branding International, seasonal radio ads for Canada’s National Diamond store, or board game content for Exponential Growth we used humor to create unique voices that transcended age, language, and culture.

Contact us to explore the possibilities of using humor for your message. Mention this page when contacting us and we’ll send you a free can of niblets.