Web Site Health Audit.

Pull over for regular web site health audits to put a pruney finger on obstacles that could cause you to capsize. 

Mooncut Mountain Creative conducts web site health audits to get your site on course to rank higher in Google and avoid search engine spills. We systematically eagle-eye your site for what works well, truffle-pig what stinks, and then provide you an actionable task list of prioritized you-really-shoulds.

Our goal: Optimize your site, making it easier for search engines to find and humans to use.

Why Audit Your Web Site?

Just hearing the word “audit” sends many people into hiding (typically, under a bed or crumpled in a corner while whimpering, “Mama”). But web site health audits are different in that they lead to powerful insight, wiser decisions, and deeper smile lines. Specifically, they float a light bulb overhead when you are in the dark about:

Usability—What hinders positive user experience, efficiency, and conversion.
Traffic dips and dives—Culprits behind traffic downturns and search engine slips.
Content gaps—Holes in your content that weaken your position among competitors.
SEO slack—Failures and/or risky practices that increase the possibility of a penalty.

Regular site assessments can ward off wallops. They can also guide your next move for gaining a competitive advantage over sites that rank higher than yours in search by revealing answers to questions such as:

  • Why aren’t people finding my home page?
  • Is my content easy to find?
  • Why does my site rank below the competition for relevant key words?
  • Why are my landing pages taking users off my site?
  • Why doesn’t my content pack the preferred punch?
  • How is my content working against me?
  • Why are users bouncing off my site?
  • Why doesn’t anyone read my blog?
  • Why does my site load so slowly?
  • How is my site turning people off?
  • How shaky is my site architecture?
  • Does my site have broken links or other confidence-zapping errors?
  • Are my fancy-pants site features rendering my site slow and “ugh?”
  • Are my URLs serving or slapping me?
  • Why am I not seeing significant ROI with social media?

And that’s just the tip of the Arctic sea-iceberg. Contact us for more on how to get your site swimmingly in shape.

When Should You Get a Web Site Health Checkup?

The SEO universe suggests getting a site health and SEO audits as often as humans need dental checkups: Every six months. But even an annual audit can brush up your site and prevent common aches.

Routine ouch-prevention keeps your call-to-audit proactive. With the growing environment of hard-slapping Google penalties and the increasing competition for users’ attention, the right time to audit usually occurs when you want to:

  • Increase site traffic.
  • Climb higher in search.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Generate more revenue.

If your need-to-wow is now, drop us a line to discuss how your site and your organization can benefit from an audit.

What Does a Web Site Health Audit Entail?

We start all evaluations with a dig. Not the kind that involves mocking your mother. Rather, we ask for some history. We want to know more about your recent:

  • SEO efforts.
  • Content strategy.
  • Social media blurts.
  • Site metrics.

From there, we x-ray vision goggle your site to get a read on where you stand online in comparison to competitors, how much clout Google gives you as a subject-matter authority, how useful readers find your content, and more.

Once we identify the areas dampening user experience and the overall health of your site, we draft a holistic review that includes high-quality remedies inline with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. That way your site stays immune to algorithm penalties and weathers well algorithm changes.

Contact us for more on site audits that lead to more reputable, relevant and easy-to-find pages, or for our tummy-toning secrets.